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Planful Path
Planful Path™ Legacy Planning

Trust Legacy Protection Plan™

For the individual or couple concerned about asset management if incapacitated and transfer of wealth upon death with a special emphasis on avoiding a potentially costly probate proceeding.

In particular there is a concern about the following:

Melendy Moritz, PLLC - Trust Legacy Protection Plan

Additionally, we will engage you in a reflection of what matters most to you and challenge you to reflect on what you wish to leave as a legacy to your beneficiaries beyond financial assets, we call this your intangible wealth. With this plan you are able to delve into your intangible wealth, crafting statements about your values and giving specific guidance to your trustees, executors and beneficiaries. Our goal in this process is to assist you in analyzing all of your wealth, tangible and intangible, and how you can preserve and transfer that wealth in a manner consistent with your desires.

Included in this plan:

To provide for the avoidance of probate we will guide you in re-titling your assets in trust name, and will prepare a deed to re-title into trust name your primary residence or a vacation residence if located in Vermont or New Hampshire (there is an additional cost for the transfer of more than one real estate parcel).

An extra protection in this plan is that you receive at no added cost a year of the Inclusive Wealth Strategy™ annual protection plan commencing on the signing of your estate planning documents. This benefit includes an annual review of your plans, including a Legacy Planning Notebook, which will allow you to have important financial and family legacy information in one location with assistance from us to keep it current. The Inclusive Wealth Strategy™ also includes a review of your property and liability insurance, at no cost. We also are available at no cost for telephone consultations regarding any questions you have on the mechanics of your estate plan and advice on the titling of assets purchased during the year. You will also receive a 10% discount on legal fees incurred during the one year period.