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Our Difference

What makes our firm different is that we created it with the needs of growing families and changing life needs in mind. We understand you are busy, you are aging, and you are planning for, or seeking to, maintain a life of prosperity. You value ease, simplicity and efficiency. You want to make the best decisions for your family and know that your estate plan will work when your loved ones need it most. You want to make sure your children would be taken care of and will be prepared to receive your wealth if anything happens to you. You want to be prepared as you get older to ensure that you and your loved ones can understand your options and that you can afford to have access to the best care available.

We focus on giving you and your family the most complete and comprehensive planning available. We provide you with legal services that were once only available to the wealthiest individuals. We design our services to help you build and maintain a life of prosperity and wealth.

In particular, we offer legal advice on protecting your assets during your lifetime and avoiding protracted and expensive probate proceedings after death.

We encourage communication and long term relationships with our clients.

Our mission is to ensure that you receive personal attention and that your important planning details are addressed. When you call our office our attorneys are here for you. You won’t have to wait for days for an answer and will most likely receive same day assistance.

We also help you you in keeping your plan up to date, allowing you to be aware of changes you should make before a crisis forces you to take action. You will have access to us for guidance on any legal or financial matter. We can act as a referral source to other trusted professionals whether you need other types of legal assistance, an accountant, insurance agent, financial advisor, or health care provider.

We believe that estate planning is a comprehensive process made up of multiple aspects of “wealth.” Financial wealth is only one part of your story. Leaving a meaningful legacy is a multi-generational, on-going process which begins when you are young and lasts your lifetime. It includes your wishes, your health choices, your life stories, lessons that you have learned over time, the wisdom of a well-lived life, your values and beliefs, and of course, your financial distributions. Questions such as what matters to you spiritually, emotionally, culturally, what motivates you to give and your giving wishes, and what inspires you to do service, should be raised in the process of completing your estate planning. Have you had these conversations with your loved ones? Would your family understand your wishes if there was a crisis in your life?

We have developed tools which help you pass on this holistic wealth to your family including your “intangible” wealth such as your intellectual, spiritual and human assets. We will speak to you in further detail about this process at our first meeting.