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July 3, 2015 MelendyMoritz PLLC


May 7, 2015 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Getting the Words Out: Writing a Legacy Letter may be an Ideal Bequest

February 2, 2015 MelendyMoritz PLLC

It is Never too Early to Consider Spring Estate Planning Clean Up

November 6, 2014 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Watch Us Grow: We are Pleased to Introduce Denise A. Clark
Matters of Living: Moving the Conversation Between Doctor and Patient Beyond Treatment and End of Life Care

August 6, 2014 MelendyMoritz PLLC

New Hampshire Vies for Tops in Trust Administration
Watch us Grow: We are Expanding Again with our new Burington Office

July 2, 2014 MelendyMoritz PLLC

United States Supreme Court Denies Creditor Protection to Inherited IRAs
Watch us Grow: We are Expanding Again with our new Burington Office
Alzheimer's Disease Research - Are we on the Verge of a Cure?

May 6, 2014 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Estate Planning and Second Families
New IRS Regulations on Moving IRA Rollovers

March 11, 2014 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Habitat for Humanity
Where there is a Will
Recently Published

January 28, 2014 MelendyMoritz PLLC

A Values-Based Approach to Leaving a Legacy

January 22, 2014 MelendyMoritz PLLC

We have Moved our Hanover Office!

December 19, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Happy Holidays from MelendyMoritz

December 6, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Navigating Your Year End Giving

Tips for Successful Charitable Donations for Those Seeking Tax Deductions

Giving All Year Long

October 29, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Successful Transitions: Can My Business Survive If I Don't?

September 19, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Basic Fiduciary Tips: What Every Lay Trustee Should Know, Part 2

June 18, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Basic Fiduciary Tips: What Every Lay Trustee Should Know, Part 1

April 9, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

April 16 is officially National Health Care Decisions Day

March 14, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Trustees Beware: Navigating the New Trust Income Tax Landscape

February 12, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Wonder Bread or Crossett Hill Batard?
Unique Plans for Unique Individuals

Do it Yourself Estate Planning Systems:
You Get What You Pay For

January 4, 2013 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Taxpayer Relief Act 2012: A Brief Guide

December 19, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Best Wishes for a Peaceful Holiday Season

November 20, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Happy Thanksgiving

Holidays: The Perfect Time to Engage Family in Meaningful Conversations

Our Aging Parents and the Holidays

September 7, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Late Summer Planning Opportunities

August 1, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

The Upside of Downsizing: How to Let Go of your "Stuff" and Get on with your Life

July 12, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Online and Password Protected?
Surprising Challenges to your Fiduciaries

June 5, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Finding Common Ground in Difficult Situations:
Meaningful, Solutions-based Discussions with our Parents

May 10, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Estate Planning for 21st Century Families

April 10, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

National Healthcare Decisions Day

Health Care Directives

March 1, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Appraising Your Valuables

January 17, 2012 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Create the Most Meaningful and Enduring New Year's Resolution Now

December 20, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

The Value of a Joint Revocable Trust

November 14, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

'Till Death Do Us Part

Book Review: Blood & Money: Why Families Fight Over Inheritance and What to do About It

October 18, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

What's Ikea got to do with It?: The Business Succession Lesson The Big Blue and Yellow Box can Teach Us?

We're Growing: Meet Our Newest Staff

Thank You for Supporting our Team in the Walk to End Alzheimer's 

Alzheimer's Association's Dementia and Driving Safety Center

September 1, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

What Irene Has Wrought

August 12, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Caregiver's Need Care Too

We're Growing: Meet Our Newest Staff

June 15, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

Time Flies when you Become a Parent So Start Saving for College Now

To Buy or Not to Buy: Is Long-Term Care Insurance for You?

New College Grad is 81 Years Young

May 9, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

A Gift from the Heart for Your Graduate

New Hampshire State Budget Forces Many Cuts

Dickens' Bleak House: A Contemporary Message about Inheritances and the Perils of Court Proceedings

April 13, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

"Death with Dignity" or Assisted Suicide?

January 25, 2011 MelendyMoritz PLLC

So... Why Should You Review Your Estate Plan?

What Should My Estate Plan Include?

Get Organized for Tax Season

January 12, 2011  

Eleven in '11
(Reasons Why Estate Planning is still Relevant)

Let's go for a Drive, Dad: Conversations with our Parents

December 9, 2010  

Highlights of the New Federal Estate Tax

Notes on the Planful Path™: Not Your Parents' New Year Resolution

November 1, 2010  

Annual Gift Tax Exclusion

Tuition Payment Exclusion

Section 529 College Saving Plans

Medical Payment Exclusion

Gifts in Trust

Charitable Gifts

October 7, 2010  

A Story that Reveals a Flaw in our Healthcare System

September 15, 2010  

Autumn is a Great Time to Take Stock

Consider Life Care Planning

July 26, 2010  

What 2011 Will Bring

The Well Lived Life
Maybe we are Only as Old as We Feel?

June 2, 2010  

A Matter of Trust: Wishes Subverted
The Story of the Barnes Foundation

Ten Reasons to Review or Update Your Estate Plan Now


May 5, 2010  

Announcing Melendy Moritz PLLC's
Life Care Planning Program

Eight Tips to Help You Protect Your Children and Prepare for the Future: The Parents' Guide to Estate Planning

Upcoming Events: Life Care Planning Explained

April 7, 2010  

Announcing Melendy Moritz PLLC's
Life Care Planning Program

Life Care Planning Options for You

The New Health Care Law and Long Term Care Planning

The Well Lived Life: Writing Your Family Legacy Letter

March 4, 2010  

Is Long Term Care Insurance For You?

Your Money: Tax Season is Upon Us

The Well Lived Life: Managing Stress

February 1, 2010  

Is Long Term Care Insurance For You?

December 29, 2009  

Firm Notes

Season's Greetings and may the light of the season, peace and joy, remain with you throughout the year.

Estate Tax 2010

Health Care Reform

The Age of Aging: Are You Prepared?

November 24, 2009  

Changes May be in Store for the Vermont Court System

The Joy of Giving in the Season of Thanks

October 28, 2009  

Protecting our Children:
The Documents that Every Parent Needs

Upcoming Events

September 29, 2009  

Family Harmony And Your Estate Plan:
How To Keep The Peace Into Posterity

October Events

September 2, 2009  

Planning for Life's Uncertainties

September Events

July 27, 2009  

Hanover Office Staff Expansion

Goal Setting is Effective Legacy Planning for Life

Age Defying?

July 2, 2009  

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Estate Planning Matters in this Economic Climate

State Estate Tax Matters

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